3/6/2017-John Ross, SF-AF1, Mask Off


NFL: Combine
Image courtesy of USA Today

The NFL Draft Combine happened this last weekend. If you think you are a decent athlete, five minutes of watching the combine will bring you back down to earth. Running back Chris Johnson claimed the fastest 40-yard dash in the history of the NFL combine in 2008, which has been around since 1982. Johnson ran his 40 in 4.24 seconds (watch). On Saturday, Washington wide receiver prospect John Ross clocked in at 4.22 seconds (watch) taking the throne for the (future) NFL’s fastest man. Ross was wearing the new Nike Vapor 4.2 cleats, which were apparently designed exclusively for athletes in the NFL combine, which meant that he missed out on $1 million and an island of his own from Adidas. Good thing is he recently signed a contract with Nike (those cleats are pretty nice). Not only is John Ross fast as —-, he is a very good football player. Watch out for him in the NFL.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The Nike Special Force-Air Force 1 is gaining in popularity, quickly. I don’t think i could ever pull off a shoe like this, but I see the intrigue for people who can. My favorite iteration of the SF-AF1 is the Desert Camo version. Unless you actually live in a desert or in an area that snows year-round, I don’t see anyone wearing these in the spring and summer weather. But there are rumors of a mid-top and even a low-top version of the Special Forces coming out in the near future… brilliant. So far, every release has sold out pretty quickly. It is such a unique and cool idea to see from Nike, please don’t screw it up.


Image courtesy of HipHopDX

Expect to see Future here a lot over the next month or so. He released two albums, 17 songs each, in seven days. Just let that sink in for a few seconds, 34 songs. I’m still filtering through the first album of the two, the self-titled Future. Mask Off immediately caught my attention when I heard it played live on FREEBANDZ RADIO on Beats 1 Radio on Feb 16th. We get it, Future, you like molly and percocets. Future gives one of his wisest pieces of advice in the hook “chase a check, never chase a bi—“.

Thank you, Mr. Future Hendrix.



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