3/8/2017-NBA’s MVP race, New Nike Running shoes, In-In-Incredible


Image courtesy of SI

If you’ve payed any attention to the NBA this season, you know how close the MVP race is this year. If you haven’t payed any attention this season, I don’t blame you. As it stands, there are four candidates: Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard, and LeBron James. Unless something crazy happens LeBron won’t win it. I think after what he did last year in the playoffs he will eternally be in the running for MVP. Russell Westbrook is the front runner for me. He is averaging a triple double, something people never thought would happen again after the Big O, and also leading the NBA in points per game at 32.1. The only knock on the Brodie is that his team is 7th in the west at 35-29. James Harden is a very, very close second place behind Westbrook. Harden is third in the league in scoring at 29.0 PPG and is averaging just two rebounds short of a triple double. BUT, Harden’s team is 3rd in the West at 44-20. Kawhi Leonard is seventh in the league in scoring at 26.3 PPG. What Kawhi lacks in rebounds and assists, he makes up for in defense. Kawhi is clearly the best defender in the league (sorry, Draymond) and leads the Spurs who have, statistically speaking, the best defense in the league. Possibly the biggest influence in this debate is how well the player’s team is doing. Once again, the Spurs are right on the heels of the Warriors in second place. Kawhi has the most momentum right now, coming off of his 39 point victory against Harden’s Rockets and averaging 33.8 points over his last four games.

Don’t quote me, but I heard on The Starters podcast that an MVP’s team has never been lower than a 2 seed in the playoffs… just something to keep that in mind as the Playoffs grow nearer. With that said, I think it’s bonkers to not give the trophy to someone averaging what most players will never achieve in their careers.

But don’t be surprised when the Spurs are the number one seed in the West and Kawhi is crowned MVP.


Image courtesy of highsnobiety

Yesterday, Nike introduced 3 new running shoes. Coming off the heels of the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite (pictured farthest left), a shoe a part of the Breaking2 project by Nike to break the 2-hour barrier in the marathon. The shoe second from the left is the Zoom Vaporfly 4%. Featuring the same ZoomX midsole as the Vaporfly Elite, the Vaporfly 4% gets its name from the fact that it makes runners 4% more efficient than any other Nike running shoe has before. How they calculated that, we will likely never know. Nonetheless, it is a nice looking shoe. My favorite of the shoes is the third from the left, the Nike Zoom Fly. It seems to be more toned down than the Vaporfly Elite and the Vaporfly 4%. It also appears to be made up of a more sturdy material, especially around the ankle. The final shoe, pictured on the far right, is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34. Not much to be said about yet another Pegasus, which is consistently one of the most reliable running shoes on the market. I will say, though, I like the light blue/red-orange colorway that all of these shoes feature. I am interested to see if any of these shoes catch on in the fashion world as many running shoes do, and how much they will cost. Besides the Pegasus, I’m guessing none of them go for less than $140.

According to Nike.com these shoes are set to release June 8th.


Image courtesy of DJBooth

Future’s album HNDRXX has a completely different feel and sound to the previously mentioned FutureHNDRXX feels like an album that could appeal to pop-listeners and is more “radio-friendly” with features from Rih Rih and The Weeknd. Future sounds more like the trap-style mixtapes that we expect from Future. And I love it. That being said, I think HNDRXX does have a few good songs on it that I will enjoy listening to. Incredible is the sixth song off of HNDRXX. Incredible is one of those songs that puts me in a good mood as soon as I hear the beat. Admittedly, the verses are so-so. I don’t ask for much when I’m listening to Future, just a hot beat and a catchy hook that I can follow along with. With Incredible, he gives us just that.

It’s In-In-Incredible.



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