3/9/2017-Tim Tebow’s Mets debut, Jordan 4s, Birds Eye View Tour


Mets Tebow Debut Baseball
Image courtesy of The Denver Post

Nothing gets me more fired up than spring training baseball…

That’s a lie. Nothing gets me more excited than Tim Tebow doing absolutely anything. Full disclosure: I am pro-Tim Tebow. In Tebow’s spring training debut he struck out twice, hit into a double play, and got hit by a pitch. His first at bat he struck out looking on what appeared to be a ball (see for yourself). But hey, it’s spring training for the umpires too. Also, the Mets scored a run on his bases-loaded double play. Not sure why this does not count as an RBI. Well, I do, but I think he should get credit for “batting in a run”.The RBI is an interesting statistic. Credit to Tebow for taking a fastball to the shoulder like the man that he is. He looks very uncomfortable at the plate, it almost seems like he played a different sport his whole life and then decided to play baseball just for fun…

Tebow is drawing much criticism for “taking up a roster spot” that could be used for a player with an actual shot in the big leagues. I don’t think the Mets would have put him on the team if he had absolutely no chance of playing in the majors. Tebow is being written off after four at-bats. Not to mention he went up against the AL Cy Young award winner Rick Porcello. I’m not saying that I think Tim Tebow will make it, I just want to give him a chance. If the Mets just signed Tebow to get publicity, credit to them, because it’s working like a charm. All I want to see is Tim Tebow blast one 420 feet over the right field fence and then he can go back to ESPN or, even better, the NFL. I heard the Browns are looking for a new quarterback.


Image courtesy of Sneakerbardetroit

There are 4 official release dates for the Jordan 4 in 2017. 5 if you include the KAWS x Jordan shoe rumored to release this Spring. The Jordan 4 Royalty released February 4th and was not received well. It’s an attractive-looking shoe, but the quality is what ruined it for most. The Jordan 4 Motorsport (pictured above), my favorite of the group, are set to release March 26th. The Motorsport is such a simple, clean colorway. The Jordan 4 Pure Money is set to release May 13th. I am, generally, not a huge fan of all-white shoes. If these are anything like the Royalty, they will likely be sitting on shelves come May. Then in June, the Soar Blue Jordan 4 is set to release. Another clean shoe, but I am a bigger fan of the Motorsport colorway. The most limited of these 5 will be the KAWS x Jordan collab. If you’re like me, you had no idea what or who KAWS was. All I know is that he is an artist that designs limited toys and clothing. What I do know is that limited Jordans are interesting and expensive, so bring it on. The Jordan 4 is one of the most widely-loved Jordans. Jordan is putting out some nice colors in 2017, but I don’t think they will be flying off of shelves like they want them to.


Image courtesy of HipHopDX

Travis Scott’s Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight was one of the best rap albums of 2016. When Travis Scott announced his Birds Eye View tour March 6th, I scrambled to find the closest stop and someone to go with me. I recently fell in love with concert-going after seeing some of my favorite artists on tour in 2016 including Lil’ Wayne, Rae Sremmurd, Drake, and Future. When I saw that the price tag for a Travis Scott concert ticket was only $45, I was in. If you don’t know what a Travis Scott concert is like, watch this (or any other video on YouTube). That’s going to be me, right there in the middle of the crowd losing my mind with every one else.

And you better believe that I’m paying $40 for a T-shirt.











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