3/10/2017-Championship Week, atmos x Jordan and Nike Air Max 1, RedMercedes


Image courtesy of fansided

Basketball season is in full swing, and it’s awesome. I have been on spring break all week sitting at home watching the various conference tournaments, late night NBA games, and watching my old high school’s team at the State Tournament. As bubble teams are fighting for a tournament spot, anything can happen, NBA teams are jockeying for a playoff spot, and High School dreams of playing in the State tournament are being lived out. There are few better feelings than when your favorite team is catching fire at the perfect time. Ever since I witnessed Kemba Walker lead UConn to the conference championship and then the National Championship, I have bought into the momentum that teams gain from conference tournaments. Once a team finds the rhythm and chemistry that they need to win, they are hard to stop. When filling out your NCAA tournament brackets, it is wise to pick the teams that blew through the conference tournaments and are winning at the right time.

Teams that are hot right now: North Carolina, Gonzaga, Michigan, Wichita State, Florida Gulf Coast, Oregon, UCLA

Two Duke-North Carolina matchups in 6 days? I’m not complaining.


Image courtesy of sneakerbardetroit

Have you heard? The atmos x Air Jordan 3 and atmos x Nike Air Max 1 pack is coming out next Saturday, March 18th. Another Jordan/Nike/other collab for 2017 is sure to make its impact when it comes out on the 18th. The atmos Air Max 1, which originally released back in 2007, is almost completely the same except for the jumpman on the bottom and the elephant print on the insole. The brand new atmos x Jordan 3 is features the safari print, replacing the normal elephant print. The Jordan 3 also features safari print on the insole, translucent sole, and Nike Air branding on the back.

The pack is set to retail at $400 at select retailers all over the world.


Image courtesy of fashionably-early

Remember that one song called Caroline? By that one guy named Amine? That was popular for like, three weeks? Me too. Well, he made another song. And it’s kinda good. It’s like a 2017 version of Missy Elliott’s 2002 hit “Work It”. Amine’s “RedMercedes” is all about, you guessed it, his red Mercedes. I like Amine’s upbeat, carefree style of music. You can tell that he’s a laid-back guy by his music and his music video for “Caroline”. If Amine can keep coming out with songs like these, he will gain popularity. He needs to get a few features on his resume with some popular rappers to make it big. If he sticks with his style, I can see him being one of the next big rappers.

Go Tar Heels.


















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