3/13/17-March Madness, Nike PG1, More Life release date announced


Image courtesy of Footwear News

March Madness is such a unique event in sports. People who haven’t watched or played basketball all their lives suddenly become entrenched in the NCAA tournament. The closest thing we have to this is College Football bowl season, and even that doesn’t come close. The upsets, Cinderella stories, bracket challenges, and rooting on your favorite team are all what makes this event so exciting. Even if you don’t pay any attention to the regular season, which is most people, the excitement and fun of the NCAA tournament is undeniable. Anyone can get in on the fun, even your grandma who doesn’t know what the 3-point line is. So go fill out your brackets. I’ve got Villanova, Gonzaga, Oregon, and UNC in my final four. I have a bad habit of putting at least 3 number one seeds in my final four year after year. I genuinely think UNC and Villanova are the two best teams in the country and I think that it would be awesome to see a rematch of last year’s championship.

Only this time UNC wins 77-74. Sweet, sweet revenge.


Image courtesy of Nice Kicks

Look at that basketball shoe. Isn’t it beautiful? Yes, yes it is. That is the Nike PG1, Paul George’s first signature shoe. This past weekend I saw the PG1s in person for the first time and I was impressed. It has everything you would want in a basketball shoe: it looks good, it appears to have good traction, a snug fit with a mid foot strap. The best part? They are only $110. It is so rare in 2017 to find a signature athlete’s shoe going for anything less than $140. The PG1 provides a good-looking shoe that performs well and at a reasonable price. The colorways so far have been good. The “shining” colorway sold out quickly, but you can find the Navy pacers colorway at your locker shoe store or online quite easily. I hope that this shoe gains the attention that it deserves and the price stays as low as it is to make it an attainable shoe for people not willing to spend $150 on basketball shoes.


Image courtesy of Genius


So Drake announced Saturday that his long anticipated “playlist” More Life will be releasing this Saturday, March 18th. I think that Drake originally said that he wanted More Life to release in December, then it was February, and now this. I think he’s serious this time around. There have been several artists rumored to appear on More Life including the likes of J-Lo, 21 Savage, and Giggs. Some unofficial track lists have surfaced recently, but I don’t think they are legitimate. Watch out this weekend for Drake to drop some straight fire. I’m thinking it will sound like a mashup of If You’re Reading This it’s Too Late and Nothing Was The Same. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but it feels right.

More chune for your head top so watch how you speak on my name,

You know?











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