3/14/2017-Upset Alert, Air Jordan 12 Low, No Frauds


Image courtesy of Sporting News

The art of picking an upset in the NCAA tounament…

There’s no such thing. I have refrained from reading all articles with titles like “5 upsets you should pick in this year’s tournament” or “the top 5 likeliest upsets in the tournament this year”. I filled out my bracket in about 5 minutes, without thinking twice about my picks. I picked upsets here and there, some crazy and some not so crazy. After years of filling out brackets, I honestly think success is purely based off of luck. I don’t plan on entering any pools this year and just enjoying some quality basketball. For those who are making 5 or 10 different brackets… why? Why would you want conflict between your picks? A lot of the fun is rooting for the team that you picked. If you have Wake Forest in one bracket and Kansas State in another, for example, there is nothing riding on that game for you. It’s like having two of your fantasy football players playing against each other, a win-lose situation. Anyways, good luck to all.


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Ahhh… the elusive Jordan low. I almost wish that making classic shoes into a low-top shoe was never a thing. But it’s another way for Jordan/Nike to suck as much money out of a product as possible. But are the low models of classic Jordans such a bad thing? I think not. I’ve always been a fan of the 11 low model, just like everyone else. But, I have come to take a liking to the Jordan 5 low and the Jordan 12 low. And come to think of it, I don’t think the Jordan 13 low looks all that bad either. I think the fact that Jordan is taking a classic shoe, and changing it drastically is what turns people off from the shoes. So if you’re one of the Jordan Low haters, take a look at some low-tops next time you see them. Maybe you’ll change your mind.


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There it is, the three most important figures in rap back in 2012. Looks like they’re back together. Nicki Minaj and Wayne seem to have disappeared since then, meanwhile Drake is sitting on top of the world. Nicki Minaj recently dropped a single called “No Frauds”. Yet again Drake absolutely bodies his verse. Nicki was just okay. I miss the chemistry that they had on songs like “Moment 4 Life”, one of my favorite songs of all time. Drake also brought Nicki out recently  for a show on his Boy Meets World Tour in Paris. I saw a video where they performed “Truffle Butter” and I couldn’t help but notice that Nicki went pretty hard on her verse

Hopefully we can get some of the vintage Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nicki songs that we’re used to hearing.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up.