3/18/2017-Madness, Stan Smith Boost, More Life


Image courtesy of CNN

I had another realization this week watching the NCAA tournament kick off. Here it is: Teams that absolutely destroy their first round match up are going to go deep in the tournament.  I’m not talking just a 10-15 point win. I’m talking a 20+ win. A one-seed should be able to beat a sixteen-seed by 30 points, easily. If they are winning by single digits or maybe just a twelve -fifteen point win, I’m worried about that team. These are some teams that destroyed in the first round: Villanova, South Carolina, Duke, Gonzaga, Kansas, Michigan State, UNC. These are the teams to watch over the next week to win some big games. Of course this comes after you’ve filled out your brackets, so it isn’t of that much use to you. But these teams are coming in hot, and they don’t care if you picked against them or not.


Image courtesy of sneakernews

The ultimate Adidas sneaker.

The Adidas Stan Smith combines a classic sneaker with two of Adidas’ most popular features, Boost and Primeknit. What’s not to love?  The timeless silhouette of the Stan Smith gets yet another face lift with the addition of Primeknit, turning the clunky leather into the lightweight Primeknit that we have come to expect from just about every shoe these days. We’re so spoiled. Adidas making yet another smart move. They will now proceed to add Boost and Primeknit to every classic shoe that they’ve ever created, and people will buy them. These are the types of moves that have put Adidas on the top of the shoe market for past two years or so. Expect them to keep making moves.


Image courtesy of genius

More Life is dropping tonight. I could just end this right here.

But that’s no fun. More Life is set to debut on OVO Sound Radio tonight through Apple Music. Speaking of Apple Music, Drake is also putting this “playlist” on Spotify instead of just Apple. This comes as somewhat of a surprise considering the strong relationship that Drake has built with Apple over the past year or so. He put out a commercial with them, has his own radio show, and released previous works through them. This is also a very smart move because some aren’t willing to pay for a Spotify subscription and also buy his album through Apple. This will allow for more people to hear his stuff and allow for more growth. Drake is yet again killing the game and he’s showing no signs of slowing. Who’s ready to hear Drake for another 6 months? I am.

More Life.










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