3/20/2017-More Life Review, Duke goes down in flames, Jordan Six Rings


Image courtesy of For The Win

Duke lost to South Carolina on Sunday night 88-81, and the whole world celebrated.

In your face, Duke.

The ball players from Durham, North Carolina saw their worlds crash and burn as they lost to the gritty seven seed South Carolina. The ACC tournament champions and Preseason number one failed to make it out of the round of 32, letting their fan base wondering what happened. I was not surprised by Duke’s early departure from the tournament this year, unlike most others. Duke has failed to make it past the round of 32 5 of the last 11 years. Knowing their propensity to lose in the early rounds, I picked Duke losing to Troy in their first game. Admittedly this was half because of my hatred of Duke, and half because I truly believed it could happen. I guess another round of 32 departure for the Dukies will have to do.

Better luck next year, Coach K.


Image courtesy of sneakernews

The Jordan Six Rings is set to release in four new colorways later this Spring. The Six Rings combines components from each of the six shoes that MJ wore during his championships. The colorways aren’t bad, but I’m just not a fan of the shoe in general. It’s a valiant effort by Jordan to try to revamp this series, so I commend them for that. The shoe is a little bit busy, and as I’ve said in the past, you can’t mess with the classic Jordan shoes too much. These shoes also remind me of the Jordan 6-17-23 that released in 2014. These attempted something similar by combining the Jordan 6 and Jordan 17. Stick to what you’re good at, Jordan brand.


Image Courtesy of genius



Over the next 22 days or so, I will being doing a song-by-song review of Drake’s new Playlist More Life. ICYMI, he released it for his fan’s pleasure and his hater’s dismay on Saturday night. I will go in order of the Track list, so today I will start with Free Smoke, the playlist’s opening song.

“Free Smoke”

Drake, coming in hot with this one.

I immediately recognized the song that he sampled to start this one off. Drake used this sample from Hiatus Kaiyote’s song “Building a Ladder” at the beginning of his shows all along the Boy Meets World Tour before he came out (watch here). I was not expecting Drake to go in so hard after that though. A very simple beat was used in this song, which allowed Drake to use his words to deliver a punch, and he did just that. He’s got that “I’ve got something to prove” type of voice on this one. Every once in a while Drake has to remind people that he’s got bars. Possibly the most memorable lines in the song is “I drunk text J-Lo”, but then he states that it’s an old number so it bounces back, no harm done. All in all, this is a very simple song that lets people know what they’re getting into for this one. Drake’s friend Baka wraps up the song by punctuting Drake’s attitude throughout the song and also setting up the next song “No Long Talk”.

Tomorrow I will review the second song from More Life, “No Long Talk”. Stay tuned.

In the words of Baka…

“Ya dun know, eh?

It’s a OVO ting, eh?

Ya dun know, eh?”














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