3/21/2017-Sweet Sixteen Matchups, Jordan 13/14 DMP, More Life: No Long Talk


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The NCAA Tournament is not down to the last sixteen teams, this is when things start to get really good. If you thought the round of 32 was fun, boy are you in for a treat. I’ll be previewing 2 of the 8 sweet sixteen matchups everyday leading up to the games.

East Region

8 Wisconsin vs. 4 Florida

Where has Florida been all year? They seem to be one of the hottest teams in the country, yet no one is talking about them. They just held Virginia to 39 points. No, that’s not in one half, the entire game(South Carolina just scored 65 in one half, but that’s besides the point). Florida must be doing something right. Wisconsin, on the other hand, just beat the number one seed Villanova. I’ll admit, I haven’t gotten the chance to sit and watch either of these teams play a full game all year, so I don’t know much about them. What I do know is that it will be a good game. This one’s a coin toss for me, I’ll take Florida.

3 Baylor vs. 7 South Carolina

South Carolina is another one of the teams that has showed up in the last few weeks and is playing their best ball at the right time. They have the momentum coming into this one, but will they be too tired to hang with this athletic Baylor team? I think that Baylor is going to handle the tired Gamecocks in this one and run away with it. I’ll take Baylor, not a close one.


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In honor of the 20th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s sixth and final NBA Championship, Jordan is releasing a pair of “Defining Moments Pack” shoes in the Jordan 13 and Jordan 14. The DMPs are always hit with a sweet hint of gold to make the simple shoes pop. There is something so amazing about a simple white or black shoe with hints of gold. That is just what we get in this DMP release. I feel very confident that this is my new favorite Jordan 14 colorway. The “Ferrari” and “Last Shot” 14s are a close second to these. This pack is set to release at select retailers sometime in June. Start saving up.


Image courtesy of genius

Yesterday I kicked off the review of More Life with my review of Free Smoke. In case you missed it, here it is. Drake is breaking records with More Life and it has only been about 3 days. Drake now holds the record for best first-day album streams on Spotify with 61,302,082, beating out Ed Sheeran’s Divide which was streamed 56,727,861 times. He also beat out Ed Sheeran for most streams from a single artist in a day with 76,355,041 streams(according to EW.com.). This guy simply can’t lose.

“No Long Talk”

Drake is still angry. He is on his “not nice ting” with this one. If you couldn’t tell already, this album has heavy UK/Canadian/Jamaican influence. It seems like an odd combo, I know, but Drake makes it work. If you’re not down with this whole slang that Drizzy is on these days, this link will help you out. Drake gets some help with this one from London rapper Giggs who lays down the second verse on “No Long Talk”. Once you get past all the slang and references to Drake’s crew, this is a very simple song. Drake and Giggs are basically saying, “don’t mess with us, or we’ll end you”. Don’t believe them? Ask Meek how that turned out for him. I heard someone at dinner last night say “I don’t really like the British rappers on Drake’s songs”. I think Drake knew this would happen when he put all these UK guys on this project. He’s trying out new things, I think it might be something we’ll have to get used to. I’ll admit, I don’t think Giggs did this song much justice. Although he echoed Drake’s mentality and attitude on the song, so I guess he did his job. The first two songs on More Life, “Free Smoke” and “No Long Talk” were both good, not great songs.

If these songs aren’t your type, stick around until tomorrow. I think you’re gonna like it.

















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