UNC vs. Butler, UCLA vs. Kentucky


The first four of eight Sweet Sixteen match ups were played Thursday night. They did not disappoint, except Purdue in the second half. But the real fun is Friday night. I already previewed Wisconsin vs. Florida and Baylor vs. South Carolina here. Tonight we get a match up between UCLA and Kentucky, two of the most storied college basketball programs of all time. I’m thinking of it more of just a play-in game to face North Carolina in the Elite 8. Let’s face it, North Carolina should blow out Butler. Yeah maybe Butler will hang around for the first half, into the second half. But I expect UNC to win by 15+.

UCLA-Kentucky is the big game of the night on center stage. Lonzo Ball versus the state of Kentucky. Or is it Lavar Ball versus the world? This one looks to be an instant classic. It isn’t too often we are treated to a juicy game like this in the Sweet Sixteen. Let’s savor it, and hope that it is as good a game as it’s being hyped up to be. I’ve got Kentucky winning this to take on UNC in the next round. But, I think this could go either way. Expect a high scoring, high-flying, high-intensity game to the bitter end.




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